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Building the next generation workforce

From Strategy to Workforce

The success of your company will be determined by the strong combination of strategy, finance, execution and people. We are here to make sure you will master the people part. Our goal is to make scale-ups self-sufficient in people management at a high professional level, and we strive to do this fast and lean. While we deliver hands-on results, we also develop your in-house capabilities to be state of the art for the stage your company is in. Your Employee Experience is key to us, since this is key when it comes to the success of your scale-up.


We will come is as a force, making sure we will leave you with the right tools, education, new colleagues and if needed - your very own forces.

Our Goal

Your employees are your biggest asset and you need to treat them that way. Trust them, guide them and let them grow. Because their growth, equals your business growth. Your employees all have a different background, personality and knowledge that they bring into the organisation. But what they all have in common, is their need for clear goals, structure, trust and freedom, to eventually strive in what they do.


This approach is scalable and personal at the same time. Treat your employees as they are your colleagues. Treat them with the same respect you treat your friends and invest in them like you invest in yourself.

What we can do for you

Start-up (1-20 people)

When you are hiring your first 20 people, you don’t just want to hire good people: you only want to hire the best. 

Scale-up (<50 people)

Your company is now officially leaving the start-up phase, and entering the scale-up one. This asks for change.

Large scale-up (50+)

A phase of hyper growth. To make sure you grab the market segment that you want or to reach the goals that you’ve set for yourself and your company

VCs / Investors

Let ScaleForceTalent support you in making the right investment decisions. From team review to DD. 

How we work

We can offer you a tailor-made solution, based on your needs. This can range from 4 hours a week up to 26 hours. Assignments can vary from supporting your internal recruitment or HR, to setting up workshops or to take all recruitment and HR challenges of your plate.


We are a (mostly) remote workforce, that will execute under your name. Clear communication and goal setting will give you the trust you need that we will do the job. The costs for our services are transparent and fit the start-up market. We work on an hourly rate and will present you with an expected budget needed to get the job done.

Tailor-made approach

4-26 hours a week

Remote workforce

Clear KPI’s

Transparent pricing

Some of our clients

What our clients say

Laurens Groenendijk
Co-Founder & CEO
Mark van Laar 
Co-Founder & COO 
Johan van Mil -
Peak Capital

Various investments of Peak Capital are working together with Scale Force Talent. The founding teams are very satisfied with their services. We are pleased that the ladies of Scale Force Talent are there to support the growth of those teams

Sander Roose 
Co-Founder & CEO
Perry Oostdam
Co-Founder & CEO

About us

Anneke and Anouk met 5 years ago when Anouk started to build her team at Treatwell. After building a successful team across 2 countries and sell of Treatwell Anouk went freelancing. During this time, Helloprint crossed her path and there she met Kelly. While being her mentor and guiding her through the difficulties of scale-up land, they realized they are quite alike. Anouk never let Anneke and Kelly out of her sight. 3 years ago Anouk started Scale Force Talent and asked Anneke and Kelly to join.

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