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Large Scale-Up (50+)

A phase of hyper-growth. To make sure you grab the market segment that you want or to reach the goals that you’ve set for yourself and your company - you need to act fast. You will need to hire a lot of new colleagues. They won’t all be the entrepreneurs that you’ve started out with. You will have to focus on team dynamics, attracting A-players on different levels and setting up a structural hiring plan. At the same time, a lot is changing for the people that you’ve started this adventure with. So don’t forget to put a strong plan into practice that will ensure their engagement.


We will map your current situation and where you stand in HR, Recruitment and culture. Do you have the right tools to hire and retain the A-players that you need? We will show you the options that you have - always based on the company phase (and budget!).


We will become a temporary part of your team and take complete ownership. We will advise, and support your company where needed, executing under the name of your organisation.

Game Plan

We will present you with a tailor-made plan. This will be based on your strategy, the current market and data research.


Our goal is to make you self-sufficient. We will always train someone to take over when we leave. We can also offer different workshops to educate you and your team about people and culture in your company.

Some inspiration from
our personal menu

Setting up performance review based on execution and cultural values


Creating a hiring plan that’s based on your roadmap.


Implementing Employee Happiness feedback loops


A-Player or Leadership workshop with Management Team


Hiring and training your own inhouse recruiter

Device a conquer the hiring machine by training your managers / Hire founder independent

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