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Pre-Investment // Due Diligence 

When you are ready to invest in a new venture, you don’t only invest in the product, the service and the technology but you primarily invest in the team. The founders and their team are of tremendous influence on whether your investment will have a successful result.


Founders should be entrepreneurial, highly skilled in the role they play in the organization and flexibel to learn and evolve with the company.

For VCs


We will map the current situation of your investment(s) and where the venture stands when it comes to HR, culture, climate and the capabilities of the founders. Do they have the right growth mind-set and the capabilities to execute their ambitions? We will assess the founders and their key team members. We will then follow up and discuss the outcome of these assessments to get their input.

For an overview of our services, click here.


Our Goal Is to make your investment worthwhile.


We provide your venture with the required recruitment and people ops support they need on the road to self-sufficiency. We will become a temporary part of their team, execute under their name and take complete ownership on the people and culture growth.

See for example this overview for medium scale-ups.

Game Plan

We will then present you with a tailor made HR due diligence. This will be based on the outcomes of the assessment and conversations, the current hiring and HR market, and is supplemented and supported by data. It’s all about focus and clarity, so you have all the information you need to finalize your investment.


For an example of an advice, click here.


We make your investment self-sufficient. We believe that self-sufficiency is the road to success.


Our collaboration with the venture can be for a few weeks and extend up to six month. We won't leave before we have trained someone to take over. We can also offer different workshops to educate you, your team and the ventures about people and culture within their company.


Some inspiration from
our personal menu

Founders sessions to turn their personal values into employee benefits and a company culture


Quarterly workshops: Strategy is more than a document, make it actionable for every team member


Continuous coaching of founders with their ever changing role


Setting up a high performance company culture, including team and culture scan


Personality and culture report for every ‘new’ team member to ensure along lasting relationship

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